I could see how I had been insensitive to others and how I lack gratitude.


Thank you so much for guiding us over the 3 days, Tejasaji. I am so happy that I could make it to the course in Tokyo.

This time, for me it was a repeat after 2 weeks. My state has been even deepened and I am so grateful to that.

During the contemplation, I was able to see things which I could not see last time. I could see things much deeper. Could feel that my awareness level has gone high. I could see how I had been insensitive to others and how I lack gratitude.

During the deeksha, I didn’t feel anything particular, just thought I smelled the disinfectant, but a very faint smell.

After the deeksha, when I was relaxing with my eyes closed, I saw AmmaBhagavan in white coats of doctors, had not imagined them in white coats before but it was vivid at that time.

The change after the course has been remarkable.

Teachings we have been hearing so many years, now seem to have become the reality.

Mind doesn’t seem to be bothering me. It feels so light living without or with less stories.

It might sound too good to be true but I think we all knew Bhagavan will do this for us.

Seems that I don’t react to things which I used to react. Even I reacted, the time to get out of it is so quick now.

I realized that Awakening is the greatest gift the humanity has ever received.

Thank you Tejasaji. Thank you Sri AmmaBhagavan.




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