And the overwhelming feeling came from deep within that I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Namaste Tejasaji.

What a journey…Thank you so much for guiding us in this powerful, life changing 3-day course.

I will write you about what happened in the last process, the surgery and how I have been since the course.

When I was lying down, asking for the surgery, to balance my Pancha Prana and to download Babaji’s consciousness, I felt AmmaBhagavan’s presence immensely.

What I felt was joy. Joy and joy…. And the overwhelming feeling came from deep within that I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. My body was comfortably relaxed and felt like I was half asleep. Felt something back of my head, felt like it was being opened.

After the course is over, I was still feeling the pressure on my head, so I rested in shavasana for some more time.

Had a deep sleep overnight.

Then what I am feeling…

Feel changed. My brain changed. Body changed. Heart changed.

Mind calmed down. Thinking less. Long gap between a thought and another thought.

Feeling joy. Joy and joy. Vast inner space. Everything is in there.

Feeling the energy. Don’t feel get tired.

When I close my eyes, what I see is AmmaBhagavan.

Last night, during the happiness meditation, when I was breathing, I saw the golden lights are sparkling like the golden shower in my sahasrara chakra. When I focused on my body sensation, I saw AmmaBhagavan in every chakra inside me. Then I saw Babaji. Quite big inside me. Feeling of joy bursted. Tears and laughters. Did the global meditation with Babaji, he showed me the picture of the globe and the people chain but all the people are Babaji in padmasana. That made me laugh even more.

Then I had a talk with the Great Compassionate Light AmmaBhagavan.

We talked how it is extraordinary to have the higher consciousness downloaded. Bhagavan made me feel Babaji’s consciousness, Babaji is so cheerful, light, brisky and humorous. Then Christ and Buddha. When I felt Christ, I felt my heart was expanding. So compassionate. Buddha is tranquil… And profound.

Today I feel I have become more practical, efficient as there are not any unnecessary baggage.

With deepest gratitude to my beloved AmmaBhagavan.




皆様いつもありがとうございます🥰 遅くなってしまいましたが、素晴らしい恩寵のシェアをさせてください🙏 Player Requestでお願いしたことが、このコース終了3日後に叶えられました❗ 大いなる慈悲の光 Sri Amma Bhagavanが多大なる愛と恩寵を与えてくださいました🙏🏻💕😌 それまで母の精神状態は不安定だったのですが、以前と同じように落ち着いて過ごすことが出来るようにな

大いなる慈悲の光アンマバカバン、テザサジ、寺田さん、新海さん、島田さん、他この3日間コースを支えて下さった皆様、ありがとうございました。m(_ _)m 遅く成りまして、すみませんでした。実は、3日間コース前から、色々と、体験が続き、コース中に子供に対する罪悪感から解放して頂き、マインドの会話も減って、穏やかな数日でした、17日のクリエイト後、2~3日目から、何も考えられない、集中力が続かない状態が

初めてのシェアです。 6月からヤグニャに参加してから、私のマインドはさらに静かになるのを感じています。 そして、3日間コースの後、そのプロセスは進んでいるのを感じています。 私はまだ悟ってはいませんが、どんどん目撃者になっています。 歩いていても、私の体は私の体ではないことがわかります。 体が自動的に動いているのがはっきりとわかります。 意図をしていないのに、体がちゃんと後ろの気配を感じ、後ろをみ